Partnership with Parents

The school encourages involvement of parents directly and indirectly in planning, suggesting, developing and boosting up the functioning of all school activities.

Our relationship with parents is crucial to the success of our students and therefore, we consider parents as partners, giving importance to their involvement in the school's education process.

Parents are also welcome to communicate with teachers through the school portal. A regular and meaningful communication between the school and home is, therefore, necessary and encouraged. A variety of opportunities are provided for close interaction with parents.

 They are:

  • A Parent Orientation at the commencement of an academic year.
  • Open House Days to discuss student progress and areas of mutual concern and interest.
  • Parent-Teacher meetings
  • Regular communication through the Student Diary and school portal. .
  • Invitations to parents to attend various school functions and other special events at school.
  • Periodic circulars, newsletters and weekly gazettes.
  • Parental participation in school developmental and recreational activities.