Students are more likely to learn and retain if we ask them to do more than learn information. CBSE-i activities are designed to help students to explore applications and improve their learning. These activities also provide opportunities for students to work individually as well as in groups, thereby helping them develop and enhance their social skills.


Some of the activities conducted in CBSE-i


Science Exhibition.
Literary Competitions
Display board competition.

Theatre in class
Self Help Activities
World Science Day
Maths week celebration
Model United Nations
Performing arts - Dance, Music and Art

Awareness Session
DEAR (Drop Everything and Read)
Special Assemblies
Field trips
Annual Picnic
Sports Competitions


  • Home Reading Program -
  • We have a special program for first and second graders in CBSE-i, which we are very excited about, as it helps each and every child to become a better reader. Learning to read takes lots of practice, and we can't do it all at school without help from parents. In just 15 minutes per day, parents can help their child by listening to them read to them and by reading to him or her daily. Children can bring home books for home reading. These are books that children should be able to read independently to someone at home.
  • Field Trips -
  • The intellectual development of the child is further enhanced, by complementing learning from books, with field trips so that children can observe the real life application of concepts learned in the classroom. Field trips also provide great opportunities for our students to explore the world outside the school. These trips are organised for all classes as appropriate and are a compulsory part of the CBSE-i programme. Students have visited places like Jungle Zone, Cafe Ceramique, Qatar Animal Welfare Society (QAWS), Holiday Villa, Spartan Readymix, Taleb Farm, etc.



  • Celebration of International Occurrences -
  • Along with celebration of important days/ festivals in India and Qatar, International Occurrences have a special place in the CBSE-i curriculum so as to raise further awareness in students. International Dance Day, International Nurses Day, World Space Week, World Animal Day, Environment Day, International Childrens Day, Friendship Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Literacy Day, etc. are few of the occurrences observed in CBSE-i.