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The students of Grade 1 - 3 were invited by Cambridge International School for Girls (CISG) to participate in the Inter-Taleb Schools Art Competition. Their enthusiasm knew no bounds at going to another school to participate in an exciting event. The event was held on April 24th, 2017 and the venue, Cambridge School for Girls, bore a festive look with a lot of art work on display to motivate the creative minds. The students of DMIS, TCS and CISG took great pleasure in giving wings to their imagination and lent loads of colours to their creative instincts.

Grades 1 and 3 were given the theme “Keeping the Environment Clean” while Grade 2 worked on clay modelling to make their favourite biscuit, chocolate, burger and donut using multi-colour play dough. Students of Grade 1 were asked to draw and colour using oil pastels and colour pencils while students from Grade 3 were told to paint their expressions. Two hours later, every table had a vibrant picture to depict the students’ understanding of a clean environment. It was delightful watching the children giving vent to their expressions. Once the Competition was over, all the students were given a Certificate of Participation. It was an enriching experience for the children who got a chance to meet their counterparts from other schools. A healthy competition indeed!