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Jolly Phonics Training at Doha Modern Indian School






DMIS is well known to provide ample opportunities for the teachers’ development and to raise the standards of education imparted in the classrooms. The recent addition was Jolly Phonics session for all English teachers across all levels of the curriculum to enhance reading and vocabulary skills.

Communication in any language means the ability to read, write and speak it fluently. The Teachers got an opportunity to hone their abilities to make their young learners read using phonetic sounds to identify the sound of each letter, join them to form words and read them. Jolly Phonics takes a steady stride towards guiding the students to read independently. Using the Synthetic approach of decoding the alphabets by their sounds, a child can put the sounds together to form new words. With practice, the student will listen to identify the sound made by each letter then blend it to form words and later sentences.