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 The word ‘Shopping’ which creates a feeling of nostalgia amongst the people, is sure to arouse a sense of excitement and awe among the tiny toddlers who dream of buying a Barbie, or a Batman.


Shopping with parents must have aroused the shopping itch in the minds of the young children. This week the blooming buds of KG1 were busy in selling and buying of products. The little ones who were equipped with fake money could shop for clothes, food items, toys, etc. Along with the class teachers, they moved from one stall to another to know the price and buy the things. Teachers helped them buy the things of their choice. This activity aimed at cooperative learning, generating interest and curiosity.


The little kids extended their thinking across the multiple pattern of intelligence resulting in spending money for purchasing the product of their choice. Through this activity the students got a real chance to imitate the adults who shop in the supermarkets.