School at a Glance


Individual Attention and Care

The school has a well-formulated pastoral system to ensure that every student is cared for at all times. The love, care and concern of our staff helps to develop a happy school environment. A close bond between the teacher and student is fostered. Average student strength of every class is maintained at 25 to build up a congenial atmosphere and make the school a second home to each student. The individual attention is ensured and the teacher - student ratio is maintained at 1:15.

House System

All the students from Grade 3 onwards are divided into four-different houses SAPPHIRE, EMERALD, RUBY and TOPAZ in order to encourage team spirit and leadership qualities. Sports, literary, art and cultural competitions are conducted on a regular basis. The house captains, vice captains and prefects select their teams. House Master / House Mistress ensure the smooth conduct of the programmes.

The house system exists to provide a system of pastoral care for the students. In a world with absentee parents more and more children require schools to look after their basic physical, social and emotional needs. Learning can only take place when these needs are being met, so it is natural for the school to provide this care. A secondary feature of the house system is the competition between houses. The traditional school sports day is usually an inter-house competition. Competitions, cultural as well as literary, are also often organized along inter-house lines. Merit points for behaviour and academic achievement are also totaled up for comparison between houses.

School Council

A well-organized prefectorial system prevails within the campus representatives' right from Grade 3 to Grade 12. The School Council is guided by the Principal, Head Master, and House Masters/Mistress.

Field Trips

Learning is carried on beyond the four wall of the classroom through regular trips to places of interest. Students explore and gain first hand knowledge of the world.

Seminars/ workshop/ Talk

Often experts in various fields share their experties with the students through thoughts and interactive sessions. Experts from various fields are often flown in from abroad to conduct Seminar & Workshops.

Award System

The School belives in acknowledging efforts taken by students.