House System

  • Houses

House Master/Mistress

  • Prepares morning assembly and weekly thematic assembly
  • Conducts house meets weekly
  • Encourages and motivates students to maintain the house spirits
  • To look after the discipline of the school
  • To check/depute people to check the turn out of students in their respective houses
  • Organizes and conducts inter House activities
  • Assigns duties to assistant house masters/mistresses, House captain/House vice captains, House captain for middle, discipline in-charges, prefects and other members of their respective Houses

Asst. House Master/Mistress

  • To assists house master/mistress in assigning and executing the duty

House Captain/House Vice Captain

  • To be exemplary role models for all students
  • To provide inspiration and day to day leadership to the House prefects and other members of their House
  • To meet the Heads of the House periodically
  • Encourages and motivates students to participate in house activities
  • To follow instructions of Heads of the House
  • To carry out duties assigned by the Heads of House


House System - Organizational Chart

House Activities

House Duties & Responsibilities