School Administration



A three tier administrative pyramid designed for the smooth functioning of the school has been set up with the Principal at the apex while the Assistant Principal and Academic Coordinator assist in the operations of the school.


For all queries (academics or admin), complaints / suggestions and follow up must be from one point contact by all stake holders is through PRO – Parent Relation Officer.


Communication through proper channel and right person will help us address the matter within a meaningful time period.



Parent Relation Officer - PRO
Tel. +974 44583121/122/294 (Office), +974 55896313 (Mobile), Fax. +974 44583124

Registrar(Admission and withdrawal related only) 
Tel. +974 44583121/122/294 (Office). +974 55532478 (Mobile), Fax. +974 44583124

Administrative Officer
Tel. +974 44583121/122/294 (Office), +974 33526567 (Mobile), Fax. +974 44583124

Accounts Officer (Accounts, Fees and Refunds)
Tel. +974 44583121/122/294 (Office), +974 55896005 (Mobile), Fax. +974 44583124



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