At Doha Modern Indian School, we take pride in providing excellent facilities that support the overall development and well-being of our students. We are dedicated to providing our students with an enriching and supportive learning environment. These facilities, combined with our committed faculty and staff, contribute to the holistic development of our students, fostering their academic growth, physical fitness, creative expression, and overall well-being.


All our classrooms are equipped with dedicated PCs connected to projectors, smart boards, and the internet. This enables interactive and technology-enhanced learning experiences for our students.

"The classroom of Doha Modern Indian School."
"The classroom of Doha Modern Indian School."


We have a well-stocked library that houses a vast collection of books, catering to diverse interests. Our library offers a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books, reference books, general reference materials, periodicals, and newspapers. Additionally, audio-visual materials such as CDs, DVDs, globes, and maps are also available – providing ample resources for research and self-discovery.


Our school café offers a diverse range of food options, including salads, burgers, shawarma, biryani, and fresh juices. Students can enjoy a variety of meals that cater to different dietary preferences. Additionally, vending machines provide quick snacks and beverages for convenience.

Our café is committed to providing a safe and hygienic environment for our students. We adhere to strict quality standards in food preparation, handling, and storage.

Swimming Pool

Measuring 12×25 meters, our pool provides students with opportunities for aquatic activities and swimming lessons.

Assembly area

We have an assembly area that serves as a gathering space for various school events and functions.

The assembly time at Doha Modern Indian School
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ICT Labs

We have two well-equipped ICT labs with a total of 61 PCs. These labs are connected to a secured internet network and are equipped with projectors and smart boards, facilitating effective computer-based learning experiences.


Our school has dedicated laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. These well-equipped labs provide students with hands-on learning experiences and practical applications of scientific principles.

Music and Dance Rooms, Art Studios

Our school offers dedicated music and dance rooms, as well as an exclusive art room. These facilities provide students with the space and resources to explore their creative talents. We have a range of musical instruments available, including pianos, guitars, tabla, and jazz instruments. Additionally, our well-trained faculty supports the establishment of a strong choir team.

Medical Rooms

We have fully equipped medical rooms staffed by registered nurses. In the event of any injuries or illnesses, students can receive immediate first aid care. If necessary, professional emergency medical services can be arranged. Our staff is trained to handle emergencies, and parents are promptly notified in such situations.

Indoor Sports Halls

Our school features indoor sports halls that provide versatile spaces for a variety of sports activities. Students can enjoy playing badminton, volleyball, basketball, and other indoor sports in these multipurpose halls.

Playing period at Doha Modern Indian School
Playing period at Doha Modern Indian School