School Transport

At DMIS, we prioritize the convenience and safety of our students, and our transportation services aim to provide a reliable and comfortable commuting experience. Our transportation coverage extends to various areas within Doha, facilitated by our fleet of buses in different sizes. We offer three sizes of buses, including a large 66-seater, a 31-seater, and a 26-seater, ensuring convenient transport options for our students.

We are pleased to share that a significant number of students and staff members benefit from our school transport services. To accommodate this demand, we have a fleet of 40 buses, both large and small, all equipped with air conditioning and accompanied by conductors for a comfortable and safe journey.

Transportation Fee Per Term

To ensure smooth operations, we have a fee structure in place for transportation services, which is payable per term in advance. The transportation fee for each term is as follows:

It is important to note that school transport fees are fixed and must be paid 15 days before the beginning of each term. We also provide one-way travel facilities, subject to the full payment of fees.


To ensure clarity and adherence to our transport policies, we have a few conditions in place. Firstly, transport facilities are available only from designated points, and specific details can be obtained from the Transport Coordinator. Should parents wish to discontinue using the school transport services, a discontinuation form must be filled out, which can be obtained from the Transport Coordinator. This form must be submitted at least one month in advance.


For those interested in availing our transport services, Transport Application Forms can be obtained from the Transport Coordinator. These forms can be submitted either in person or via fax to the Transport Coordinator using the following fax number: 00974 44583124.